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Acceptable use Policy

The Weiv Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy has been implemented to ensure that each subscriber's
use of the Service provided by Weiv Web Hosting:

•  complies with current laws and regulations

•  does not unreasonably interfere with other subscribers

•  does not unreasonably impact on our the ability of Weiv Web Hosting to provide the Service

•  adheres to Weiv Web Hosting Terms & Conditions

General Support

Weiv Web Hosting provides online tutorials to assist you in the first instance.  
Please refer to Online Tutorials before submitting a support enquiry.

Support Ticket/Email Support

Support tickets can be submitted at any time.  
Our support team is online from 9am - 6pm, Monday - Fridays
(excluding public holidays).   Urgent support tickets will be attended to outside of these hours.

Click here to submit a support ticket.
Please do not email individual team members as it may cause a delay in response.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available from 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please call (03) 9510 1509 for telephone support.

Free Technical Support

Weiv Web Hosting provides free support directly relating to our servers and server support software.

Before requesting support we ask that you search our Online Tutorials and our FAQs page.

Fee Based Support

The Weiv Web Hosting team is happy to assist you with any additional requests such as
web design and development, however, there will be fees incurred for these additional services.
  Please contact us at info@weivwebhosting.com.au for further information.

Emergency Support

Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure that they are running properly and that connections to
the Internet are maintained.   Should a server go down or lose connectivity we will be alerted immediately.

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