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Web Design & Development

Web Development

Businesses large and small are streamlining their processes and growing their business by leveraging Web technologies. Weiv offers a quick and cost-effective method for all your web development needs by providing your company with one of our various flexible web development programs.

We offer a full range of consulting and web solutions to best meet your online needs. They include:

  • Visual Design
  • User Interface and User testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Copy
  • Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Technical and Programming needs

Interactive Media Services

Our Interactive Media Services section offers a wide range of production services from multimedia and website development to video production and consultancy.

Our specialist development team work closely with you to produce an exciting and innovative product that exceeds your expectations.

Being able to create media-rich interfaces, with little or no limitations to the imagination, affords us the opportunity to make memorable electronic experiences.This medium takes us one step further from the age old idea of static, linear composition of information to interactive user-driven experiences.

The CD-Rom represents a great cost effective solution for producing corporate presentations, catalogues, promotional mailings, software samplers and interactive training. DVD incorporates the interactive capability of CD-Rom, but with enough storage to play hours of broadcast quality video. Although DVD is still a relatively new technology, the format is far more cost effective than people are led to believe. Discs can be played on domestic DVD players, or via computer DVD-ROM drives.

Bring your product information to life with interactive demos and full product details and specification on disk.

Provide the press with comprehensive "take aways", with full details and photos.

Provide your proposals and tenders in electronic format. If you're regularly submitting proposals and responses to requests for information in electronic format, ask us about creating a template for you, reducing the cost per unit.

Creating and distributing documentation and publications in the electronic medium is effective and efficient. The cost and time to produce and distribute is minimal compared to printed material.

High end design quality will bring your software product user interface into a new realm of professionalism. From splash screens to icons, our experience in interface design allows maximum compatibility without sacrificing quality.

Our electronic design services include the design and development of various elements used in the marketing and communication in the electronic medium. From impact screen savers, to electronic invitations.

To complete our service offerings, we are able to provide the design skills to the off-line world - creating consistency in branding and overall communication efforts.

These are just a few examples of what we can do for you and this is only the beginning! Whatever the task at hand, we will find a solution.
Managed Services

Weiv can help your organisation to expand or reinvent your online presence for customers or partners. We are experts in helping clients envision and deploy web capabilities that generate measurable business value and delight the people who use them.

Weiv provides innovative and sophisticated web-based solutions. We help clients bring the right combination of strategy, 'experience design' and technology to every aspect of their web-based projects.

Enhancing your brand presence online

We help clients build their online brands or extend their offline brands into the digital realm. How can the web deliver on and enhance the promise of your brand? How can the offline brand experience of your company's products and services be interpreted in an online environment? Our team is fully qualified to help your organisation successfully address these challenging questions.

Information architecture

The skills we apply to this process range from designing navigation models and categorising content to creating documentation and defining architectural elements at the site, screen and page level. Our success in creating effective information architecture results from an emphasis on user-oriented design processes, a commitment to client collaboration, and the experience gained through many web-related projects.

User experience

Our emphasis on user experience centres on incorporating engineering usefulness, usability and desirability into our solutions. By understanding how people use technology, and linking that knowledge to our clients' capabilities, we offer value-added 'experience design' that incorporates integration of online and offline customer behavior, and other critical factors. The websites that result from these efforts help our clients transform individual user experiences into long-term customer, employee and partner relationships.

Weiv specialises in addressing the complete range of strategic and technological issues that affect web initiatives, including:

  • Brand extension and integration
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Interface and interaction design
  • Audio design
  • Corporate identity design
  • User experience design
  • User intelligence
  • Content management
  • Usability analysis

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